Mar 102014

At any business school, you constantly hear about graduates going into careers in marketing, consulting, or finance among other traditional career paths. You don’t hear about too many MBA’s going into the sports industry. This is partially because a lack of available positions in the field, but traditionally the MBA skill set isn’t thought of as a common match for the sports world. That outlook has changed significantly in recent years, and one of the major contributing factors has been the rise of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which held its eighth annual event last week.

Every year more and more applications of quantitative analysis are being applied to sports in an effort to improve both the games and the business of the games. While Maryland doesn’t have anything quite on the level of Sloan, as a board member of Smith’s Media, Sports, and Entertainment Association, I have gotten some great exposure into potential career paths that lie at the intersection of business and sports.

Anyway, in particular, I find the application of analytics to sports to be fascinating and the Sloan conference does not disappoint. If you have any interest in how this research is being used, here are some of my favorite papers from the conference:

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