Sep 302014

One of my favorite parts about Smith is the variety of learning experiences available to students beyond the standard curriculum. Last year, I got my first taste of this working on a Smith Experience project through the Center for Social Value Creation that allowed me to engage on a consulting assignment for Nexight Group. This year, I’ve continued to explore all of the out-of-classroom resources that Smith/UMD have to offer and how much they can contribute to my time here.


Last year, as the incoming president of the Smith Media, Sports & Entertainment Association, I was discussing with some of my classmates creative things we could do to gain exposure to these hard-to-reach industries. Eventually we realized that the answer could be right here in College Park: the UMD Athletic Department. We had a group of experienced students eager to get experience in sports business and here was this large organization with a multi-million dollar budget right in our backyard.

We weren’t exactly sure what a potential engagement would look like, but we figured that there was no harm in at least starting the conversation. So this summer I reached out to the Athletic Department offering our club’s services for any kind of ad hoc consulting or research project that the department might be interested in getting help with.

The response was great, as my contacts at the Athletic Department were eager to find somewhere for us to help. After a few discussions, we settled on a project helping the ticket office analyze pricing strategies for UMD basketball and football tickets. We are currently in the midst of our analysis, so we’ll see where it goes, but it just goes to show all of the amazing resources that we have at our fingertips here at Smith. I’ve learned a lot in the classroom during my time here, but the opportunity to immediately put those skills to the test in real-life work settings has been especially rewarding.

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