Don’t Neglect Internal Branding

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“Until everyone from your CEO to your receptionist can accurately and consistently articulate your brand’s promise, how do you expect your customers to?”

 David Aaker, brand management guru.

Internal Branding is a very important aspect of Internal Communication. The idea behind it is very simple: a company has to sell its employees the same ideas that it sells to its customers. Otherwise, when your internal and external brand messages are misaligned, the customers might get confused, and the reputation of your company will suffer.

Having strong internal branding is especially important when:

  • a company is undergoing changes (e.g. merger, a change in leadership, or layoffs)
  • a new advertising or rebranding campaign is introduced
  • employees are not connecting with vision / low morale

Here are some tips for effective internal brand establishment:

  1. Align your external brand and the internal brand messages in order to avoid confused customers.
  2. Involve employees in creating internal values. When they are involved, they are more likely to connect with them emotionally.
  3. Engage all areas of the business in internal brand communication. Make sure that it is not just an empty marketing campaign.
  4. Recognize behavior that supports your internal brand by rewarding champions with something simple as a movie voucher or an extra day of annual leave.
  5. Continue to communicate your internal brand and keep track of the main trends. It is not a one-time event; it has to be constantly reinforced.

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asmolina  on December 17th, 2012

Anastasia Smolina is an exchange MBA student from Russia. With a background in finance, she is now redirecting her career into international management.

jgometz  on December 18th, 2012

Great post. Completely agree- so much that I’m publishing a book in the new year called The Brandful Workforce – all about building a workforce that promotes the brand. For more information or if you’d like me to contribute in any way to your work, please visit my site at or contact me. Thanks and have a great holiday season! Julia