Internal Communication Group Teaching Presentation

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This group teaching presentation involves teaching the rest of the class a course-related topic using creative approaches, in addition to designing a class activity and quiz. I had the pleasure of working with my esteemed colleagues that brought a wealth of expertise to this project. It was one of the very few times that I was assigned to a team instead of forming my own, which I thought was a great idea. One of the things that I always wanted to do more of was to work with different people in the program, venture out of your comfort zone (meaning your best friends and best bets), you will be pleasantly surprised.

So who looks after the internal communication function in an organization? It has long been the battle between PR and HR. HR folks know the employees very well and have insight into how internal communication relates to overall company strategies and goals. On the other hand, PR people have a keen sense of newsworthiness and know which channels are most effective, they are skilled in taking key messages and dressing them into exciting communication that are often well received.

Aside from the presentation that was meant to be informative, we had a journalist on our team and he wrote up nine outlandish stories (3 of which are based on facts or news) for our class activity that mimicked the NPR show ‘Wait wait, don’t tell me’. The biggest take-away from this project is that I realize how much effort and time professors need to put into a lecture before they come to class. Standing in front of a classroom of students and regurgitating the knowledge you have in interesting and meaningful words is hard, at one hour fifty minutes, most definitely.