Lessons Learned

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As the Fall Semester comes to a close, let’s take this opportunity to look back and reflect on some of the lessons we learned as members of this pilot class:

Public Relations IS important!

As PRSA chair-elect Joe Cohen stated when he spoke to our class on Monday, this class was established to teach MBA students the importance of Public Relations in business management.  As we’ve learned, in today’s world, where information travels faster than ever before thanks to technology and social media, business leaders can no longer afford to not take an active role in PR strategy.  With so many ways to personally connect with the public, it’s important to take charge and be a part of the public conversation, rather than outside of it.

Be Passionate!

Some of the best parts of the course were the self-directed presentation activities, such as the 20/20 sessions and the student-lead classes.  These were a great contrast to the usual assigned presentation projects and gave us a chance to talk about topics and issues that interested us.  As a result, we all found that when we share the things that we are passionate about, and would like our peers to learn more about, we naturally elevate our public speaking abilities.  As business leaders, it’s important that we have passion in what we do as a career.  If we have that, then speaking about our companies in public will be a cinch!

Always have a plan

As MBAs, we’re trained to think and plan before acting.  Business strategy dictates that we understand the environment we’re operating in before making operational decisions and Public Relations is no different.  Whether its confronting a crisis or launching a social media campaign, proper planning is crucial to make sure that you are sending out a strong, unified message, as well ensure that you have a plan in place for any possible reactions from the public.

On behalf of the members of this pilot class, we’d like to again thank the PRSA for creating this program, as well as Dr. White for being our instructor.  It was definitely a great experience and one we hope that the Smith School will continue to take the lead in for years to come.

Marvin Yueh is a 2013 MBA candidate focusing on Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He is currently the Marketing & Events Assistant at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship as well as the President of the Smith Entrepreneur’s Club.

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