Positioning Smith’s Brand

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Media training was a highlight for this semester’s Public Relations for Business Leaders course.  It was an awesome opportunity for students to learn how to get in front of a camera, deliver a clear & concise message, and respond to tough questions.

However one interesting and perhaps unexpected takeaway stemmed from this practice: a concise positioning for Smith’s brand.

The main exercise of the day was for each individual student to sit in front of a green screen and respond to questions from an interviewer in the television studio.  The topic:  “Why pursue an MBA?”…and more specifically, “Why Smith?”

Here’s what was most interesting.  Almost every single student shared the same response: “The best part about Smith is its community.”

What were some common themes in defining the Smith community?  Collaborative, diverse, close-knit, humble, persistent, intelligent, engaging.

It can almost be guaranteed that the responses wouldn’t have been so focused when students first arrived.  There were many great reasons why folks came here—perhaps the quality of the professors, the proximity to the nation’s capital, or access to the companies that recruit at this school.

However, after spending over a year in the Smith MBA program—community is the common theme.  And while the community may be difficult to define, it is obvious that community is a huge part of what defines Smith.


Russ Wilkin is a second year MBA focusing on Brand Management. With a previous background in software project management, he is now moving on to the consumer goods industry.