PR Planning for Small Orgs on a Shoe-String Budget

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This past week, I participated on a team of business students that helped a small organization with a promotional strategy. The goal of this group was to gain exposure through social media in order to grow attendance at its annual event. They had a wonderful product with an ardent following. They had exceptionally smart people running the show. But what they didn’t have was time. Like many of us with mountains of tasks to finish, one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is knowing where to start. Being keen to strategize wherever possible—and make flowcharts—we intrepid future MBAs burned the midnight oil for a road-map for organizational success where budgets don’t exist. Behold. . .

All kidding aside, we think there’s a great deal of value in understanding this framework. Outreach is important but it’s not what an organization should be built on. Likewise, unlike the way we think of foundations, in the case of small groups looking to grow, building a foundation would only be too expensive for an unproven quantity. No, only by beginning from the top of the org structure pyramid can you find the right foundation to build later on. In this way, the internal and external communications can find an organic fit for building what is needed now, and allowing for streamlining when there’s enough of an organization for it to matter.

Daniel Howard is a 2013 MBA candidate focusing on Strategic Management. He currently interns for M&A Leadership Council in the area of internal strategic integration, and he TAs at the Smith School of Business for courses in strategy, leadership and change management.