Since We’re Blogging, How Would Hemingway do it?

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Aside from whether he would (he was a bit of a throwback, even in his own time), he may have had the perfect style for it. Punchy, short and hard-hitting lines with assumptions and individualized imagery stacked the pages of the Hemingway canon. Well, the science of blogging for search engine optimization may have its value but man, what if we could blog in a way that would make the Old Man proud? What would this entail? Like most truly important things, you couldn’t possibly cover the essence of Hemingway’s style in a 250 word blog post (what does that say about what blogs are selling?) but let’s give it try anyway. . .

From a article entitled Hemingway’s 5 Secrets to Good Blogging (yeah, it’s not an original idea, so what) “Don’t use adverbs at all. You can’t run slowly; if you do, you’re jogging. You can’t laugh loudly, but you can bellylaugh or guffaw or snort. . .” Man, Dickens and Proust would have been horrible at this game.

Also, remember the iceberg: Hemingway believed in omitting everything you could get away with. The idea being, there’s much more beneath the surface. Let the reader paint a picture from an assumption or a feeling, not a list of descriptions that appear too weak as mere words. Ultimately remember, this ain’t your website, and a blog is not where you spell out the disclaimers. Tap your reader’s limbic brain, where they feel and intuit in order to form an opinion that creates value for what you’re selling. If you want endlessly hashed-out reason, go to law school.

Daniel Howard is a 2013 MBA candidate focusing on Strategic Management.