A Day in the Life: Randy Zmuda

Randy Zmuda is a Part Time MBA Ambassador and a track rep for the DC campus. His “Day in the Life” was from February 10th, where he juggled his weekend classes and attended the annual Monte Carlo night at the Watergate Hotel!

1. This little sleepy head has the right idea.  Off to school!

2. Hoping no one on the 52 gives me the “Forrest Gump” bus treatment!

3. What’s a cohort without their coffee?  (nobody dares to find out)

4. My decision tree informed me I should optimize class time by sneaking this selfie (Data Modeling – morning session)

5. You’re welcome, Peloton, for the free advertising promotion!! A sneak peek at our Marketing final.

6. My “stylist” has me ready for the Annual Monte Carlo Night at Watergate Hotel

7.  I could picture no better way to end a day full of classes (pun intended).  Oh, we FANCY!!

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