All About FedGrant: Our Tuition Discount for Federal Civilian Employees & Their Spouses!

Federal employees and their spouses who are admitted to the Smith School after January 30, 2017, are eligible for Smith’s FedGrant, which reduces graduate program tuition by 30 percent, as part of Smith’s alliance with the Federal Government. We are happy to announce that the Part Time MBA program is one of the participating programs! For the full list of programs, visit here: FedGrant Information.

FedGrant is for Federal civil employees and their spouses and does not apply to members of the military or uniformed services. Military Veterans who are currently Federal civil employees are also eligible for the FedGrant benefit. The discounted tuition rate applies only to tuition; it does not apply to fees and associated costs such as housing, books or global courses. Please note, students who utilize FedGrant can not receive other tuition reductions or scholarships.

Please follow these steps to receive Smith FedGrant:

  1. Start your application, complete the questions in sections titled “Educational Intent”.
  2. If the program selected qualifies, questions will be visible in the section titled “Smith FedGrant Program”. Answer all questions in this section. 
  3. If you qualify for an application fee waiver based on all of your answers in these sections, you will see a new section titled “Application Fee Waiver Code”. Enter code rhsfed614 in the section titled “Application Fee Waiver Code.” (This code may only be used by current Federal Government employees and their spouses.)
  4. Continue to complete all other sections of the application.
  5. Submit your application.

For additional information, visit our FedGrant FAQ page.