Student Spotlight on Osei Yiadom: Adding a Global Component with an Overseas Marketing Consulting Project

Q: Please tell us about yourself?
A: My name is Osei Yiadom. I am a second-year Part Time MBA student at Smith at the Baltimore campus. I have my sights set on graduating this May. I work as a Technical Product Manager for COMSORT, a marketing consulting firm in Hunt Valley. We use analytics to identify marketing opportunities in the pharmaceutical space.

Q: In which Global MBA Experience Course are you participating? What led you to enroll in the course?
A: I have registered for the course with the out-of-country component in India. I enrolled in the course to gain consulting experience and to learn about how business is conducted on the Indian subcontinent. I work in the information technology (IT) field and have witnessed how India is playing an increasingly significant role in the global IT industry. I am interested in India beyond the technology field. I am curious about businesses deliver value to Indian firms that operate internationally and to the country’s growing middle-class consumers. I hope that I will be able to adapt and apply what I learn to other emerging markets, such as those in Ghana, where my family is originally from.

Q: Tell us about your project?
A: I am working with two of my classmates on a marketing consulting project. Simplotel, a technology startup located in Bangalore, has engaged us to develop a marketing strategy for their cloud-based software products. The goals for the engagement include increasing revenues, gathering data on the market, and developing ongoing relationships. So far, we have met with our client multiple times via Google Hangouts and conducted secondary research on best marketing practices for cloud-based software products. We have used what we learned to outline a strategy for Simplotel and to generate a list of ideas that could fit within that strategy. Our next steps involve presenting the list to our client. We will use their feedback to develop an implementation plan for two or three of the ideas that fit best within the strategy that we are proposing and within Simplotel’s capabilities.

Osei at the Infosys headquarters campus in Bangalore

Q: What challenges have you faced during your project? How have you overcome them?
A: Managing the difference between our time-zones has been one of the biggest challenges for our project. India is ten and a half hours ahead of us this time of year. Therefore, when we are asleep, they are awake, and vice-versa. We have addressed this challenge by scheduling meetings late at night in the Eastern Time Zone so that we catch our clients at the beginning of their work day or early during our mornings when our clients are getting ready to leave the office.

Q: What part of the course are you most excited about?
A: I am most excited about the opportunity to impact Simplotel’s growth. The company has been operating for four years, so they are still at a relatively early stage. I am excited to present a proposal that could help them reach their growth goals. I am also excited about traveling to India. We will visit two cities while we are there. We will spend half of our time in New Delhi. New Delhi is India’s capital city and is located in the northern part of the country. We will spend the remainder of our time in Bangalore, a major city located in the southern part of the country. I have never been to India and look forward to experiencing all that the country has to offer.

2 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    Osei – this is great! I’m glad that you shared the link with me. I’m extremely proud of your growth and completion of your program this May. Keep pushing sir!

  2. Nana Yiadom' says:

    Mr Osei Yiadom’s responses to the questions posed , has given me an insight into your MBA program and the practicality of it. The India trip and colabration with Simplotel is an invaluable practical experience that the students can apply to future projects. Mr Yiadom’s article project’s confidence both in himself and your program.