#SmithHired Success Story: Kavanaugh Livingston

One of the wonderful benefits for our Part Time MBA students is access to Career Service specialists at each of our Part Time MBA campuses in Baltimore, Rockville and Washington, DC.

We love success stories and want to congratulate Part Time MBA graduate, Kavanaugh Livingston on her new position!

PT MBA Student: Kavanaugh Livingston, Part Time MBA — DC campus, 2018 graduate

Position: Digital Change Junior Analyst with IBM in Washington, DC.

Kavanaugh Says: I am thrilled to report that I accepted a Digital Change Junior Analyst position with IBM in early February. The most important factor to my success was conducting A LOT of follow-up! Not only did I land a new job with a great company, I also pivoted from an entirely different industry. A fairly long chain of people helped me get to where I am today. I ensured that, with each introduction that someone along that chain made for me, I scheduled informational meetings in a timely fashion, wrote thoughtful follow-up notes, and asked each person whom I met with if they could introduce me to one other colleague who works within my field of interest.

While I ultimately landed a consulting role, it was not always my intention to be a consultant. But along my journey I decided to change my job search strategy since I heard very helpful advice from the people I met with, and I really thought about their guidance and implemented it. It is incredible how much free advice people who you just meet are sometimes willing to give you! Take all that in, as it will help focus your job search. And once you land the interview, you’ve done a lot of the leg work and preparation already. I hope some of this advice will help you achieve your career goals — good luck! 

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