A Day in the Life: Mark Costello

Mark Costello is a Part Time MBA Ambassador and student at the Baltimore campus. His “Day in the Life” was from February 20th, where he juggled his work travel and evening MBA class. He somehow fits in time for a delicious looking breakfast, the gym, traveling to Hagerstown, Frederick and Rockville, AND gets caffeinated for his evening Business Law class!

You can read more from Mark here: How the Pickle Jar Theory Applies to my Part Time MBA.

1. Start my mornings in Baltimore, with the most important meal of the day #brunchinbunch

2. Checking early morning emails before hitting the road #baltimoreskyline

3. Fitting in time to stay fit #bulkseason

4. First sales meeting of the day in Hagerstown, MD #lifeontheroad

5. Selling metal in Frederick, MD #slingingsteel

6. Putting a lot of miles on the car today – next stop Rockville #fuelup

7. That is what we like to see – my company’s calendar hanging in the customer’s shop floor #175strong

8. After a long day on the road as a territory manager for a steel distributor, I pour myself another coffee to perk up for Business Law #nightclass


1 Response

  1. Isaac Connor says:

    I think this is awesome! I love the morning breakfast (its my favorite meal of the day — wish I had some now as I type this over lunch at my desk lol). I was not aware that Business Law was part of the Part-time program. I will have to look at the core course schedule one more time. I am super excited to start my part time MBA experience this fall.