#SmithHired Success Story: Adjoa Addae-Mintah & TMAY Tips

Hi everyone, my name is Adjoa and I was a Part Time MBA student who graduated in December 2018. I have recently accepted a position at a top consulting firm as a Technology Strategy Senior Consultant and I could not be more thrilled. After working for my previous company for almost 6 years I was laid off due to a merger and company restructuring, like so many others. Luckily for me, I had access to the invaluable gem that is Office of Career Services (OCS), I worked one on one with my coach, Adam, to land the awesome job opportunity I have now.

My advice to anyone who is interested in finding a new job is to start working with OCS as soon as possible because the job search is a process. The first step is to know what kind of job you are looking for, what is the next step in your career? I knew I wanted to shift from specialized tech consulting to Technology Strategy so Adam helped me to update my resume and tailor my story to appeal to those potential employers. OCS has a wealth of materials and tools to ensure you are putting your best foot forward, it may seem overwhelming at first but your coach will help you navigate.

Once I realized my resume was getting me phone interviews but I was not advancing I knew I needed to work on my interviewing skills. The most helpful things that helped me to sharpen my skills were my “Tell Me About Yourself” (TMAY), SARs & Mock Interviews. I cannot stress enough how much these things helped me in my job search. I went from struggling to articulate my worth to interviewers to having an interviewer admit that they needed to look for harder questions to ask me because I answered every question so well. One additional note, do not be afraid to pull examples from your MBA coursework when interviewing, we have amassed some great experiences in this program and don’t take that for granted.

TMAY Tips from Adam Shpall, Assistant Director, Part Time MBA Career Consultant:

  • Keep your ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ response professional and leave out anything personal.
  • Your ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ answer should not exceed two minutes in length.
  • See the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question as a golden opportunity to sell yourself and convey your value.
  • The ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question is important because it is likely the first question you would get asked and a good or bad response could set the tone for the entire interview!
  • Know your target audience and tailor your responses to them when you present your answer to ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ . The job description itself is a good place to start to learn about what your audience is seeking as well as talking to people who work within that particular function and industry 
  • Stories move listeners so make sure to tell as a career biography incorporating the ‘why’ (as opposed to simply facts) and bring in emotions and feelings. 

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