Student Spotlight: How I Keep a Work/Life Balance

by Jyoti Sardana, a Part Time MBA Ambassador & Part Time MBA student at the Shady Grove campus

How Do I Keep a Work/Life Balance?

Key word: Balance.

As a second year Part Time MBA student, I have realized the importance of that word. Of course, when I first started the program in the fall of 2016, I had a really hard time realizing the importance of that word. I knew that I had this amazing opportunity of being in a MBA program and I did not want to do a single thing to mess that up.

I spent every weekend in the library during Term A of my first year. This involved me missing out on birthday parties for family and friends, everyday social gatherings, and even major life events. Was it worth it? At the time, of course it was. Looking back, it wasn’t.

Term B is when I slowly started to find that balance. I worked hard but at the same time sacrificed a couple hours of studying and sleep to partake in birthday parties and social gatherings.

Did my grades suffer? A little. Would I ever take back those experiences? No. As time goes on in your program, you learn where and how to find that balance. It may not come immediately but eventually, it will. One piece of advice that I want to offer is to make a schedule. This helped me find my balance. Not only do should you make a schedule, but you also have to stick to it! I even added my extracurricular social activities to my schedule and calendar to ensure that I stuck with it!

Another piece of advice that I want to offer is to attend every event possible! The Smith community holds several workshops, galas, holiday parties, and networking events throughout the year. Once I was accepted into the program, I promised myself that I would go to every event that I could go to. I was completely out of my comfort zone but that’s one of the reasons I wanted to be in a MBA program- to meet new people. I have met so many amazing people from these events! There is no one else out there that’s going through the same experiences as the people that you meet at these events. Go, put yourself out there, and see what they say about keeping a work/life balance!