Student Spotlight: How the Pickle Jar Theory Applies to my Part Time MBA

by Mark Costello, Part Time MBA Ambassador for the Baltimore campus
Our modern lives are becoming increasingly complicated and it can be difficult to decide where to invest your time. Time is indeed our most precious resource. We all have heard that time is relative, but how does it relate best to your life? Looking at time management through the glass of a pickle jar may seem strange at first, but just stick with me for a bit. 
Imagine you have a large glass pickle jar that has been emptied out; that is your day, full of promise. Fill it up to the top with rocks representing your main tasks for the day…it’s full right? Now add smaller pebbles that fill up the cracks in between, you quickly realize there was space in your day that you did not see before. Finally fill the jar with sand that trickles down into any available openings. A finite amount of space or time can be utilized in unique ways. 
The pickle jar theory shows there is more time in your day than you may initially think. Instead of bragging about how busy you are, try filling up your day with tasks, events, and relationships that are meaningful to you. Everyone is busy, but if it is important you can find the time. I try to think about this as it applies to my MBA experience at Smith. Before going into it, I told myself I was going to be more involved in grad school than I was in undergrad. So far, I feel like I have been succeeding in that.
Getting an MBA is much more than just an education; there is countless opportunity available to you and you would doing yourself and the larger Smith community a disservice by not taking advantage. So get out there, get involved, and see what you can accomplish when you make the best of your time.