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Silicon Valley 0

Silicon Valley

Written by Erica Yingling While QUEST’s “Doing Business in China” trip is quickly gaining esteem among current and prospective students alike, the program has added one more traveling class to the curriculum for members...

Help Send QUEST to Silicon Valley 0

Help Send QUEST to Silicon Valley

Written by Elijah Biggs On March 14th, seventeen QUEST students will embark on QUEST’s pilot spring break trip: QUEST to Silicon Valley (QUEST2SV). These students will have the opportunity to learn hands-on about design,...

QUEST Conference 2014 0

QUEST Conference 2014

This year 13 teams paired with a variety of businesses and gave their presentations of their recommendations. Find out just what team was awarded with the title of project of the year.

Streamlining the Curriculum Review Process 0

Streamlining the Curriculum Review Process

By Debi Goldschlag The QUEST program is constantly striving to improve. In light of this, the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) developed eight learning outcomes to measure how effective our classes are in producing the intended...

Changes to the University 0

Changes to the University

by Janae Savoy The University of Maryland’s campus will be seeing some exciting changes in the near future! There are new plans to begin (or continue) several different construction projects on campus that will...

Less Talk, More Walk 0

Less Talk, More Walk

By Sam Lewis Why do we tell people what we are planning to do in the future? Immediately you might be asking, why wouldn’t I tell someone what I plan on doing in the...

Student’s Experience Consulting for a Campus Client 0

Student’s Experience Consulting for a Campus Client

Hear from Q23 Janae Savoy as she shares her experience on the process improvement project with a campus client

Faculty Spotlight: Kylie King 0

Faculty Spotlight: Kylie King

You may know Kylie King as a part of the QUEST faculty, but did you also know she’s completed multiple triathlons? Find out more about the Program Director!