Student Spotlight: Recruiting Team Special Edition

Article by Varisha Parikh (Q18)

Editor’s Note: Similar to the special edition of QSO, we will be highlighting members of QUEST’s Recruiting Team in upcoming Student Spotlights. Starting with a brief intro, we kick off with Varisha and learn more about her experience as part of QRecruiting!

The QRecruiting team is comprised of 6 students, 2 from each cohort, who are interested in promoting the opportunities, accomplishments, and community that define the QUEST program. Throughout the school year, the recruiting team is responsible for information sessions, open houses, the QUEST ambassador program, and the behavioral interview for selections. QRecruiting enjoys working together as a team to create fun events that portray the excitement and community of the QUEST Honors Program.

Clockwise from top left: Alison Cowley (Q17), Danny Laurence (Q19), Josh Kohn (Q18), Michele Fried (Q17), Varisha Parikh (Q18), Shirley Han (Q19)

Varisha Parikh
Hello everyone! My name is Varisha Parikh and I am in Cohort 18. I have been on QRecruiting for the past two years and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience! After helping lead the recruiting team this past year, I am so proud of what we have accomplished. As a team, we have successfully coordinated our traditional recruiting events as well as the first annual QUEST Oscars. My favorite part of this past year’s recruiting efforts was the awesome team and ambassadors I got a chance to work with! Everyone was so enthusiastic and really enjoyed working to help promote the QUEST community! As I move into my senior year, I look forward to seeing the new and exciting things the rising QUEST juniors coordinate and I can’t wait to be part of the recruiting effort for another year!

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