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The friendship shared between QUEST students is like no other as many of you have come to learn. This article will explore 4 different unique friendships that begin with QUEST.

Mark and Meenu

How did you become friends?

We were on the same 190 team, Team S.W.A.G. Vision (Students With A Greater Vision). So we met at quest camp. Due to the fact that she lived in Oakland and I lived in Denton, we practiced presenting and acted silly together. We also both took DVQ and suffered through it together.

What do you have in common?

We both obviously love QUEST. We are both engineers. And we have the same taste in music. I think we are both very driven individuals and highly motivated. We share very similar values, we care about our friends and family a lot. And we both LOVE Thai food.

How well do you know each other?

We tell each other all our secrets. We really know each other’s entire life story.

How do you support each other in quest/classes?

For quest, we bounce ideas off of each other. We really benefit with collaborating. We help each other practice our presentations as well.
Outside of QUEST, we will help each other with homework and share old notes.

Danny and Josh

What has been your favorite QUEST memory together?


It’s hard to pick – we do a lot together in QUEST. A favorite QUEST memory has been teaching the BMGT408C class – specifically some of the first meetings about it. We got to sit down and plan out the course together. (Which, as a side note, is very hard!)

Another good memory in QUEST was the “QUEST Recruiting Oscars” event that we did last spring. We shot a video as a board, and showed it to the QUEST community.

What do you have in common?


A lot – we are both CS majors, with similar political interests and similar tastes in humor and movies. We spend a lot of our time enriching the QUEST community with our breadth of knowledge (or lack-there-of).

Fun fact- we both have a friend from high school in QUEST (Danny’s is Aditiya Shridar, and Josh’s is Manas Kulkarni)


What has been your best memory outside of QUEST?


We LOVE LOVE LOVE Krazy Kabob, and often we will have dinner together there.


Do you expect to stay close friends after you graduate?

Considering Josh will be working near Danny’s home after graduation, and since both are going into similar lines of work, we are sure we will continue to hang out. I don’t think we need to have a “friendship plan.” But now that you mention it…..

Savannah and Emily

How did you become friends?

We originally met at relay for life our freshman year and talked about how we had both just applied for QUEST! We really bonded at orientation over our mutual fear of the dark and nature, and spent the entire trip joined at the hip.

What has been your favorite QUEST memory?

Our absolute favorite QUEST memory together was when we went to a cooking school in DC with Dr. Ashley’s ARHU 390 class. We got to spend the evening cooking and bonding with Dr. Ashley and the food was fantastic!

What do you have in Common?

We both dropped College Park Scholars GPH to join QUEST but we didn’t even know each other then at all! And we both have 40 plus pairs of shoes!

Do you have any special nicknames for eachother? If so, what are they?
Emmie and Lil Sav


Matt and Allan

How did you become friends?

Both of us were on the QUEST to China trip. We were in the same group of people that went to Hong Kong a few days early. We both really wanted to try new things and experience China. That was the start of the “Adventures of Matt and Allan.”

What was your favorite thing you did together on the trip?

That’s a hard question – we really enjoyed ballin’ with the locals, learning the Chinese version of hacky sack “Jianzi,” getting a massage, and basically all the sight-seeing we did.

What is something people don’t know about you guys?

During the trip to China, we both ate a scorpion!
And some may not know this, but we both have a huge love for memes.



Have you made a lasting friendship through QUEST? Let us know who your QUESTest friend is.

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