Note to Graduating Seniors

A Note from QUESTPress Alumni Corner Editor, Tracey Epstein (Q14)

Dear Cohort 18,

On behalf of the QUEST Alumni Board and the QUEST alumni community as a whole, I want to say “Congratulations!”  You all have accomplished so much over the last few years and we are all ecstatic that you are joining our alumni community.

This next stage in your lives will prove to be exciting and challenging in ways you probably can’t imagine yet.  To most of you this is great news – I’m sure the last 17 or so years have felt pretty predictable.  However, if any of you are like me (and most of the people I know who have graduated college and gone on to live in the “real world”), you probably feel a little bit of apprehension about the future.  Where are you going to live?  Where are you going to work?  Where are the best happy hour spots in your new city?! There’s lots to worry about!

The good news is, you’re not the first one to graduate college and feel a little lost.  The even better news is that you were in QUEST.  It looked great on your resume and helped you get that high-paying consulting gig, but that’s not all QUEST was good for.  Simply by being a part of this organization for the last three years, you have earned yourself a spot in a growing network of professionals.  Professionals that live in your neighborhood, work at your company, and go to happy hour at that rooftop bar down the street.

My advice to you is to take advantage of this community.  Reach out to fellow alumni who are living or working nearby.  Send an email to someone who moved to a country you want to visit or live in.  Attend QUEST alumni events – tailgates, happy hours, the 490 conference.  You never know who you will meet and those connections are sure to help you navigate your way through the next few years of your life (and beyond).

Once again, congratulations on all your accomplishments.  The QUEST alumni community is so proud of each and every one of you!

See you soon,

Tracey Epstein


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