The New Logo Is Here!

It’s Official!
Over the course of the past several months, QUEST was buzzing with speculation about work on a new logo. The fruits of that labor were officially unveiled at the closing of the State of QUEST last month, and were met with positive and enthusiastic reviews. As a member of the QUEST Marketing Team, I am so excited at the wonderful feedback we have received for the new visual identity. It took input from all corners of QUEST – current students, alumni, the Quality Guild – to make it into what it finally is today. For those of you that haven’t yet seen the first step in the remaking of the QUEST brand, look and ask no further; here it is:

Shortly after the event, fellow QUESTees could be seen around campus sporting laptop (and in some cases, water bottle or backpack) stickers emblazoned with the official new logo, which were given out at the QUEST barbeque and are still available for those who want them! We are looking forward to the next steps in developing the QUEST brand as a representation of this unique and powerful cross-functional program that we all know and love. Speaking as a member of QUEST… well, in the spirit of continuous improvement, it looks like we just keep moving up, don’t we?

Matt Henricks


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