Student Spotlight: Q23’s Ben Sheppard

Written by: Janae Savoy


Known for his signature “Howdy” and his B1G ideas, Ben Sheppard has truly made an impact in my 190 experience. Hailing from Dallas Texas, Ben is a sophomore supply chain management major who is also a member of the Business, Society, and Economy scholars program. As a member of the group, JABBS, I have witnessed his brilliance first-hand. From his quick creative thinking to his amazing presentation skills, Ben is truly a great addition to the QUEST Honors Program.

Why did you choose to attend the University of Maryland?

My parents were encouraging me to go out of state and I wanted to go off on my own and become a man. Also, I would like to live in DC at some point in my life so I thought that this would be a good trial run.

Tell me about your kickboxing career.

My parents enrolled me in a local gym when I was 4 because they thought I was big, clumsy, and that my motor skills needed work. From there, kickboxing sort of became my sport. I went to the Texas State Championship at 13 and only missed the national championship by 4 points. When I turned 16, I became a youth coach and was able to teach my own students.

What inspired you to apply for QUEST?

The QUEST program seemed like a program that focused on the real world and was not solely centered around traditional book learning. Also, people that I knew in the program encouraged me to apply.

Why did you choose supply chain management?

I came into this university as a management major and realized that it wasn’t for me. In BMGT110, the section on supply chain was one of my favorites so I decided to pursue this major. The other things that attracted me were that supply chain is one of the fastest growing areas and that supply chain involves a lot of innovation. It really allows you to make an impact in your own way.

How do you come up with your B1G ideas?

I come up with an idea. Then, this idea is continually worked and reworked until it’s basically perfect.

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