Matt Brings the Heat


Written by Daniel – Jason Minzie

Matt Henricks, a cohort 20 IS and CS major, was invited to attend and present at the Teradata University Network’s 2014 conference on October 19th through the 23rd in Nashville, TN. Matt was among the selective students invited for this year’s Inaugural Student Poster Contest due to his work on the distortion of social network influence measures in samples derived from commonly used techniques.

Because of Henricks’ winning poster submission, he was awarded with full access to the Teradata University Network’s exclusive conference. Events included hundreds of free educational sessions, and displays of exciting new “big data” projects from leading companies.

While at the conference Matt got to network with professionals in the field. He found this part of the experience incredibly rewarding. He said that “the whole experience was fun. It’s really eye opening to discuss your research with leaders in the field and learn about what they are doing as well.” Not only did he have to opportunity to learn about different research projects being done but there was also time for fun with the other student finalists. They went go-karting together and all saw the new hit movie “Gone Girl.”

Check out Matt Henricks’ winning abstract:

Big Network Analysis for Influence Identification on Social Networks
In the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the magnitude of network-based data due to the omnipresent consumption of social media networks. Online marketing strategies have widely adopted use of such data, but analysis of online social networks poses a significant challenge, due to the volume of data and access restrictions imposed by social media sites. Due to such restrictions, we must resort to network sampling techniques. In this research, we discuss the challenges related to large network analysis using MapReduce-based cloud services and the efficacy of network crawling techniques as a means for representative sampling.

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