To the Lands Unknown

When you look into the sky and see a plane flying overhead, it could very well be holding one of many QUEST students studying abroad this summer. Every semester, numerous QUEST students pack their bags, and barring that they aren’t taking one of the “90H” classes, fly off overseas to explore the unknown. In this issue, we get the inside scoop from Reid Poluhovich who plans to study abroad this coming summer/fall semester in Australia and Jacqueline Kwan who spent a semester studying in Germany.

Reid Poluhovich of Cohort 23 is currently planning on studying in Brisbane, Australia at the University of Queensland. As someone who has traveled to Spain and England in high school, Reid sees his upcoming Australia trip as a chance to experience a new culture and an immersion into an environment where he can learn a lot more about himself and others. Reid puts it, “I’m going to have different everyday interactions and meet really friendly people from all over the world who are going to be more open to new experiences and excited to learn.” Reid is also looking forward to a semester in a warm place, where he can take a break from his current 21 credit semester and take a relaxing 12 credit semester unwinding and exploring his new surroundings. He anticipates a sense of mystery and being lost at first but is ready to go in headfirst and have fun. As he puts it, “To quote Captain Barbosa, ‘For certain, you have to be lost to find a place that can’t be found. Else ways, everyone would know where it was.’” Choice words from a smart man.

On the other side of the journey is Jacqueline Kwan of Cohort 21 who recently spent a semester studying in Vallendar, Germany. For her, it all began in high school writing a paper on the Greek economic crisis. It amazed her that Germany was able to remain so stable amid the chaos. Coupled with some positive reinforcement from a friend who studied there as well, Jacqueline was soon sold. One of her most unique experiences studying at Otto Beisheim School of Management or WHU was serving as the exchange class president. Jacqueline describes her experience: “I was the liaison between 150 exchange students and the International Relations Office. The role was complex but one of my favorite roles was planning fundraisers and events between the local and exchange students.” Jacqueline strongly recommends studying abroad. For those who are still wondering if it’s a good idea, here are some snippets of wisdom from a fellow Questee, “After college, there are few chances to live abroad at one’s leisure. Studying abroad, whether it’s short-term or longer, allows you to examine other cultures at length and experience different mannerisms or traditions. It really helps provide a global mindset and I’d say that it’s an uplifting experience because you get to meet so many people when you travel.”

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