Welcome Q25 and Q26!

Each spring, QUEST admits a new group of promising students from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, the A. James Clark School of Engineering, and the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences into the program. I think I can speak for the entire QUEST community when I say that we are excited to welcome our brand new Cohorts 25 and 26! I spoke to a few new QUESTees to hear about their impressions and expectations of their future QUEST experience.

Connor Armstrong (Q25)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Extracurricular Activities: “I do undergraduate research for the Gamera Solar Powered Helicopter project. The project itself is pretty self-explanatory, but our goal is to get a lightweight helicopter off the ground with a human pilot with nothing but solar power. The project is very cutting edge and allows me to work on a lot of cool design problems with very new technology. It’s a great time.”

Fun Fact: “I’m an avid kayaker. On any given weekend over the summer, I’ll probably be kayaking. It’s definitely one of the best ways to enjoy a Maryland summer day.”

What are you looking forward to the most from your experience in the QUEST program?

“I’d like to meet outgoing, driven people from many different areas of expertise. I’m looking forward to learning new things from my peers and working on interdisciplinary projects with people outside of engineering (also, free printing). Overall, I am really excited to start the QUEST experience in the fall.”

Lina Bauer (Q26)

Major: Accounting & Finance

Extracurricular ActivitiesCommunity Service Chair for the Smith Undergraduate Student Association, Member of the International Economics and Finance Society, and a competing member of the Ballroom at Maryland team

Fun Fact: Trilingual

What about the QUEST program led you to apply?

“I chose to apply for QUEST as I sought to be a part of a multidisciplinary program where I would have the ability to interact with students of various majors, while gaining real-life experience working with companies in order to improve their quality of business. In addition, I would get to work alongside a great group of motivated and innovative students.”

Bobby Ellett (Q25)

Major: Business Undecided (Intended Marketing & Finance)

Extracurricular Activities: Club Swim, Orientation Advisor, music (Plays guitar/bass/drums and even sings a bit), Stamp Employee at Student Organization Resource Center, BSE Scholars Program 

Fun Facts: Allergic to Chicken, loves 80’s music and long walks on the beach

What about the QUEST program led you to apply?

“I applied to QUEST because I have done research in the field of mechanical engineering, and I am a business major. Since I love working on teams and QUEST has members from different majors, I thought it would be a great way to broaden my perspective and learn from others. I have interests in both the technical and business-oriented sides of what it takes to create a great product or run a great company. With QUEST, I hope to find a way to combine these interests and develop something that will better people’s lives.”

Paula Rabade (Q25)

Major: Accounting & Finance

Extracurricular Activities: Phi Chi Theta (Professional Business & Economics Fraternity)

Fun Fact: Paula is from Argentina and has traveled to 19 different countries thus far.

What are you looking forward to the most from your experience in the QUEST program?

“I am looking forward to a community where I will be able to grow as a professional and person. I am excited for the real world application of what I have been learning in classes. I can’t wait to go through the dynamics of consulting while working with people from various fields of study. I am excited to meet my cohort at QUEST camp and get to bond with them, as I will be embarking on this new journey with them for the next 3 years.”

 Welcome Q25 and Q26!


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