QUEST Lab Sponsor of the Month: Bloomberg

This month’s QUEST Lab Sponsor is Bloomberg, and in order to highlight the value Bloomberg can provide to students, we sat down with Jessie Xu (Q21) to ask her about her experiences as a Bloomberg intern this past summer.

Q: Can you provide a little background on Bloomberg?

A: Bloomberg is a merge between the finance and tech industries. Their main product, the Bloomberg terminal, maintains data on all worldwide markets, stock prices, and financial news and information necessary to help clients make investment decisions. They also provide analytics, tools, and insights to add value to the incredible amount of data the terminal provides.

Q: What was your role with Bloomberg?

A: I interned in Bloomberg’s Princeton, NJ location within the Global Data division which makes Bloomberg the most sought-after data source in the world. The department is divided into various market sectors including Equities, Fixed Income, and Derivatives. I was placed in the Entities group, which is under the Equities department.

My main responsibility was to update and maintain the quality of the entities data on the terminal. However, I also worked on several other unique projects. One of my most memorable projects was one I did with fellow interns, which lasted throughout the course of the internship. We were split into teams of five and tasked with creating a functionality of our choice that would provide value to the Global Data department, with each team assigned a different industry sector to focus on. This project was a great example of principles taught in QUEST applied to real world situations. Through ongoing collaboration with full-time employees in various departments and combining a diverse array of knowledge and skills, we were able to create and present value-adding functionality to the Global Data department.

I recently accepted a full time offer with Bloomberg and am so excited to return next fall!

Q: What will your full-time role be?

A: I will begin my career at Bloomberg as a Market Data Analyst starting off in the Global Data Training Program. The program begins with a three week classroom training on the Bloomberg terminal, financial markets, customer service and the technology that is important to the department. From there, my 20 other peers and I will be on-boarded into our team and be given on-the-job training to learn the skills needed for their role. Team placements are determined by matching your skills, interests, and experiences with the team that would provide the best fit.

Q: Did you enjoy the experience, and would you recommend Bloomberg to other students?

A: Absolutely! I definitely had some reservations going into the internship as I was not sure if this was the sector of the financial industry I wanted to be in. However, I could not have made a better decision. Bloomberg is an extremely strong brand that can have a powerful impact on your personal and professional development. However, it was really more than the brand that made it a worthwhile experience. Bloomberg did a great job providing on-the-job training related to my role and better understanding the financial markets. The experience felt somewhat like a summer camp as I become extremely close to my peers and built many lasting relationships. Outside of our core responsibilities, we also gained exposure to other teams within the department through interactive panels and shadow sessions, attended senior speaker series, participated in community service projects, specialized trainings, and networking events ranging from baseball games to upscale restaurants in New York. Overall, I had an extremely positive experience and it was an honor working with such a talented group of students.

Q: How did your experiences in QUEST tie into your internship?

A: The one thing that is constant at Bloomberg is change. Bloomberg prides itself on finding and implementing creative solutions. Thus, quality enhancement is at the crux of what has kept it ahead of its competitors. Bloomberg is always striving for continuous improvement of the terminal, both with its data and services and the processes that go into creating and maintaining it. The Bloomberg 490H project is a great example. We were working with creating new workflows and translating human labor into technical capabilities. The office environment cultivates a culture of always trying to find better ways of doing things and taking risks on those enhancements.


Jessie Xu

Jessie Xu

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