11 Reasons We’re Thankful for QUEST

With Thanksgiving break finally right around the corner, there’s a sense of community and relief as we finish up with our midterm exams. Although many of us are feeling the pressure from our QUEST projects, take a moment to read these 11 reasons why at the end of it all, QUEST is 110% completely worth it:

1. Innovative classes

How many of your (non-QUEST) friends can say that as sophomores they have invented a product and designed an app in the course of a semester? Or graduate having worked on an actual consulting project for a real client in a multidisciplinary team? Or have even had the chance to travel to the tech hub of Silicon Valley for a class? QUEST courses make us think outside the box – and let’s be honest, it’s a breath of fresh air from sitting in 1 hour and 15 minute lectures all day.

Spring 2015 QUEST Course Design and Innovation in Silicon Valley

Spring 2015 QUEST Course Design and Innovation in Silicon Valley

2. Faculty and staff who work hard to help us succeed

Pictured (left to right): Jessica Macklin, Kylie King, Emily Kelly, Dr. Pamela Armstrong, Dr. Gerald Suarez, Dr. James Purtilo, & Dr. Jeffrey Hermann

Pictured (left to right): Jessica Macklin, Kylie King, Emily Kelly, Dr. Pamela Armstrong, Dr. Gerald Suarez, Dr. James Purtilo, & Dr. Jeffrey Herrmann

QUEST wouldn’t be the program that it is today without the faculty and staff that continually search for ways to improve the program to make it the best that it can be. If we ever have a question or even just want to talk about our day, the Quality Guild’s doors are always open. Our professors inspire us to innovate and challenge us to look for areas of opportunity. Being able to form close relationships with QUEST faculty and staff truly makes the program that much more special.

3. QUEST Camp

2015 QUEST Camp

QUEST student on the high ropes course during QUEST Camp of August 2015

Ah, the good ol’ days at QUEST Camp. Admittedly, these two special days for the new QUESTees are undeniably awkward (on the high ropes course, we probably at one point all thought “what did I get myself into?”), but you have to admit orientation was a fun time. In fact, QUEST Camp is so fun that some students return for a second time as mentors.

4. Awesome corporate partners

Corporate Partners

A huge part of QUEST is the professional development aspect. With the help of our corporate partners, whether through sponsoring a capstone project, a program event, or the QUEST Lab, we are able to apply our skills and knowledge in a professional setting. And it doesn’t hurt that many of our corporate partners provide free goodies and food.

5. Expanding alumni network

Student/Alumni Dinner

Spring 2015 QUEST Student/Alumni Dinner at Ledo’s Restaurant

There’s a reason that we say “the QUEST never ends.” Students have access to an extensive alumni network, most of whom are more than happy to share some words of wisdom and give back to the program. And with new initiatives like WiseGuy.com, a collaborative and interactive learning network for college students (started by QUEST alum Jeremy Loya), it’s now easier than ever for students to reach out to QUEST alumni for professional advice.

6. Events beyond the classroom

QSO 2015 BBQ

QSO members Uva Dayalan and Tony Trinh at the Spring 2015 QUEST BBQ

QUEST is more than 17 credits in three years – there are many opportunities beyond the classroom as well. This fall, students attended the first ever Corporate Partners Networking Reception planned by the QUEST Corporate student committee. This QUEST-only event gave students a chance to network with recruiters and QUEST alumni from companies like Deloitte and Google. In addition to professional development events, there are events hosted by the QUEST Student Organization (QSO) to promote community among students, such as QUEST Formal and the End-of-the-Year BBQ.

7. Professional experience

By the end of our three years in the program, QUEST sets us up for the professional world. In BMGT/ENES490H, we essentially are professionals creating recommendations for a client. QUEST committees allow us to apply our talents and knowledge to improve the program. Teaching assistantships and mentorships offer students the chance to apply the knowledge they have learned in an instructional setting. These are just some experiences that not only look great on a resume, but create well-rounded students ready to enter the working world post-graduation.

8. Late nights working on group projects

Yes, those sleepless nights working on group projects that we definitely did not procrastinate on are the very nights that brought our teams closer together. Some of our best ideas come from those sleep-deprived team meetings. Even though we might not be thankful for these nights right now, after killer presentations and the successful conclusion of our projects, a couple missed hours of sleep don’t seem so bad after all.

9. QUEST Conference

Spring 2015 QUEST Conference

Outstanding Capstone Award team HAAT Consulting presenting their BMGT/ENES490H project for CFR at the Spring 2015 QUEST Conference

BMGT/ENES490H students showcase all the hard work they have put in during the semester at the biannual QUEST Conference. Being able to learn about the innovative solutions and recommendations from QUEST students is pretty amazing.

10. Having a QUEST family

QUEST Graduates

Some of the QUEST Graduating Seniors of 2015

At the end of the day, QUEST is a family. From QUEST Camp to graduation, there will be bonds made with our cohorts, faculty, alumni, and staff that will never be broken. The connections we form and the lessons we learn are formed and learned together – truly making QUEST a quality program.

11. And how could we forget, free printing

Free printing for college students? Count me in, please!

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