Beyond the Classroom: 9 QUEST Students’ Summer Internship Plans

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QUEST students understand that some of the most important lessons are learned beyond the classroom. Internships offer students “real-world” experience and the opportunity to apply their skills in the professional working world. While some QUEST students will be working in the DMV area, others are traveling across the nation and even overseas. Read on to learn about the summer internship plans of these 9 QUEST students:

1. Nimit Patel (Q26) – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland

Nimit is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. He will be interning at NIST as a Researcher within the Measurement Laboratory. More specifically, he will be working in the Chemistry and Biochemical Department mostly working in bioinformatic and applications in health care in a laboratory setting. Not only will he be working on his own independent project for NIST,  he will have the opportunity to work with the latest cutting-edge lab equipment in his field.

2. Rou Tzamaras (Q26) – GE Aviation, Baltimore, Maryland

Currently a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Rou will be interning as a Design and Manufacturing Engineer at GE Aviation this summer. Rou secured her internship through Flexus, which is a unique living and learning community geared towards women in engineering. She looks forward to gaining “hardcore” engineering experience while collaborating with other interns.

3. Young Park (Q24) – Deloitte, McLean, Virginia & Düsseldorf, Germany

Young is a junior Accounting major in the business school. He will be an Audit Intern this summer at Deloitte in McLean. However, that’s not all – Young has the exciting opportunity to work in Germany as part of his internship program. The Smith School of Business emphasizes a “global mindset” from Day 1 – and working with clients abroad in Germany will provide a lot of relevant insight on global business skills. “I’m really excited about just being abroad,” Young remarked, “I have never been outside of the USA, I’ve always wanted to but never was able to because of my double-major.”

4. Rebecca Grossman (Q24) – Boeing, Seattle, Washington

Rebecca, a junior Electrical Engineering major, will be flying high and traveling to Seattle to work at Boeing this summer with their avionics and electrical systems teams on the Boeing 737 MAX. She is specifically responsible for flight test analysis. Rebecca secured her internship through Boeing’s hiring program called EAHI (Early Hiring Initiative). She is excited to be working with engineers who actually design airplanes and to see the beautiful views of Seattle.

5 & 6. Thomas James (Q23) & Amy Liang (Q24) – PwC, San Francisco, California

We have three QUESTees taking San Francisco by storm this summer. Two of them, Thomas and Amy, will be interning as Management Consulting Interns for PwC. Thomas is a junior Mechanical Engineering major and Amy is an Accounting and Information Systems double-major. “I think I’m most excited for a chance to see if consulting really is for me – I’ve had my sights set on it for a while, and QUEST has definitely played a huge role in shaping its appeal… I’m both excited and a little nervous to see if the consulting work, teams, and lifestyle are truly what I want to be doing post-graduation,” Amy explained. Thomas and Amy are also looking forward to experiencing a different city outside of the DMV. “I’m excited to see what else is out there,” Thomas remarked.

7. Wali Rifai (Q26) – Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida

Wali, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science, will be hitting the beaches this summer while also working as a Senior Technical Intern for Lockheed’s Mission Systems and Training division. He took this internship because he was impressed by Lockheed’s communication and transparency in the interview process. During his time in the Sunshine State, Wali, a car enthusiast, hopes to meet the Orlando Roadsters.

8. Neha Kundagrami (Q24) – International Institute of Finance (IIF), WashingtonJere, D.C.

D.C. is known as the metropolitan central hub for top policymakers. Neha, a junior majoring in Finance, will be working alongside some of them. She’ll be interning for the capital markets group at the International Institute of Finance. “The projects are varied, as the capital markets group is currently working on getting Argentina back onto international debt markets. I’ll be working on one of the publications that the IIF releases each year – ranking the debt market and capital structure of all the countries in the world and publishing it for rating agencies for countries and such to use,” Neha explained. If you thought that sounded daunting, it is – most IIF interns are Masters or PhD students. On top of that, Neha will have the opportunity to work and network with some of the most well-known policy makers, financial analysts, and economists for international finance policies.

9. Jeremy Krach (Q25) – Pinterest, San Francisco, California

If you’re anything like me and attempt to be even slightly artsy or crafty, you probably have heard of Pinterest. Jeremy, a sophomore Computer Science major, will be a Software Engineering Intern at Pinterest this summer, specifically working on the company’s security team. After almost dismissing a recruiter’s email as spam during the week of the career fair, he was able to secure an interview and ultimately land the internship. Jeremy is especially excited to see “a different side of the software industry,” after working for AT&T in their local government contracting branch last summer.

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