The Mentors Program– A Testimonial


April of 2012 I received an email from Aditya Yerramilli (Q14), mentioning a QUEST Mentors Program that I remotely remembered signing up for. A gung ho sophomore ready to break into the professional arena, I responded immediately. The exchange that would follow has lasted for over a year now, and developed into an awesome mentorship.

Whether speaking through email, phone, text, or, most preferably, in person, Aditya and myself have been able to maintain a relationship despite departures from the continent and the chaos of scholastic and professional life. Aditya, a professional in PwC’s Forensic Services practice, has shared more than a few insights that I’ve come to highly value. And myself, well I like to think that I’ve helped Aditya stay hip as his time as an undergrad slips farther away.

However, the purpose of this article is not to tell you about my awesome mentor and myself. Rather, the goal is to inform you about the awesome Mentors Program. So I asked Aditya a few questions about the program, and his answers are below.

1)What have you enjoyed most about the Mentors Program?

Being able to stay connected with smith and helping quest students in an advisory capacity. I also enjoy getting to know our current student body.

2)What is QAB’s vision for the Mentors Program?

We want an increasing number of students to leverage the alumni network in their career and personal development. We also want to encourage alumni to stay connected with QUEST and believe mentoring the younger generation is a form of giving back to the program.

3)What would you like QUEST students to get out of the program?

A better perspective on the industries or job function that they want to pursue after graduation. They can learn more about interview prep, daily responsibilities, or the latest industry trends. Learning outside the classroom is just as an effective method of gaining information. Also maintaining a mentoring relationship will allow them to practice some of the skills needed in the workplace (networking, professional communication, goal setting, etc)

4)What would you like QUEST alumni to get out of the program?

We want alumni to stay connected with QUEST. By serving as a mentor we want them to reflect on their professional and personal progression and share some of the lessons learned. We want alumni to have an easy way to give back to Smith, and perhaps find potential candidates for future careers.

So there you have it. Make sure to get involved and take the survey (MentorSurvey Link) by 11/8/13.

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