Fond Memories of Q21 and Q22

By: Jacob Wilkowsky (Q19)

In the canon of college memories, your last month as an undergrad holds a special place. Although you’ve spent the greater part of the past semester coming to terms with your departure, the reality becomes all too present during this final countdown. Rituals like meals at Chipotle, late night study sessions in the QUEST Lab, and trips to Cornerstone assume a certain gravitas the 1,000th time around. I still remember the nostalgia I felt at Senior Sendoff (brunching in DC with Cohort 19) and going for a final run on Paint Branch Trail.

In the spirit of nostalgia and celebrating the accomplishments of Cohorts 21 and 22, I reached out to QUEST alumni, faculty, and staff about their fondest memories of QUEST’s best and brightest soon to cross the Xfinity Center stage.

Personally, I have many fond memories—

1) Conversing lakeside with the newly formed “Club 22” of Andrea Kyeremeh, Ilan Gold, Amanda Shekarchi, and Elijah Biggs (Q22) lakeside at the end of QUEST Camp, and then watching them go on to “keep it classy and get it done” throughout their collegiate career.

2) Reading the February 2016 issue of QUESTPress, written entirely by Bobby Fitzgerald [a feat and rite of passage] of Q21.

Here are some more fond memories from alumni, faculty, and staff:

“Since I saw your 190H presentations 2 years ago, this group was clearly going to stand out as much as your posters did. Over the years it has been a pleasure working with so many of you whether it was through classes, QUEST committees (shoutout to QMT), or standard all nighters in the QUEST lab. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and look forward to hearing about how you are continuously improving the world at our next alumni get together.

— Max Cooper (Q19)

“Walking through the pouring rain in DC (some students without umbrellas) on a scoping site visit with Mandy Yard, Joel Samelson, and Bobby Fitzgerald (Q21).”

—  Kylie King (Program Director)

“So I don’t really know the specific moment I met Halley Weitzman (Q21) – but I do know that she had the privilege of pushing me a little bit out of my comfort zone (something that doesn’t happen often) by coercing me into going to my first Hackathon. That weekend we became instant friends – a friendship that has meant a lot to me – and though she’s on to bigger and better things, QUEST will sorely miss her presence.”

— Danny Laurence (Q19)

“Returning back to College Park to lead a PwC Case Competition, I was extremely impressed with the polish and poise of the students presenting. I was particularly impressed by how some of the seniors, despite already having jobs and wrapping up their collegiate career, participated and mentored younger students.”

— Joel Liebman (Q14)

“I have truly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and hope to stay in touch! Here are some specific memories that stand out: Singing Taylor Swift at Karaoke on QUEST2Asia with Alex Wilson (Q22); Meeting John Harbaugh with Chloe Spetalnick (Q21); Writing a paper for the ASEE Conference with Mandy Yard (Q21) and Kylie King and traveling to New Orleans with them this upcoming June; Giving a tour of UMD to prospective students with Brogan Sheehey (Q22); Eating at California Pizza Kitchen in Hong Kong with Josh Sarna (Q22) (bad decision..); Introducing Tony Trinh (Q21) to Mandel bread.”

—  Jessica Macklin (Program Coordinator)

I hope all graduating QUESTees enjoy their last month as an undergrad. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. While you reflect on your adventures during these past four years, just remember that the QUEST never ends.


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