Alumni of New York

Alumni of New York
On October 5, 2016, QUEST alumni got together for a happy hour at Draught 55 in Midtown East. The event, organized by Elaine Hui (Q18), was a grand time. Running into familiar faces and some new ones, I felt compelled to take pictures of unsuspecting merrymakers and ask for a deeply profound quote. For those of you who like ‘Humans of New York’—this is Alumni of New York!

NY is such a big city, but QUEST makes it feel more like a small community.
–Chul Kwon, Q18
I remember Walking out of Dr. Suarez’s class wanting to change the world!
–Jenna Cohen, Q15
Find quality people to spend your time with and then you’ll feel like you’re in a city even though you live in Connecticut.
–Leah Xu, Q21
New York City has taught me a lot about taking chances. I took a chance when I moved here a year ago despite a lot of people telling me “it may not work out.” This city is never stable, people aren’t always the friendliest, and the subway usually smells terrible, but I love it here and have never regretted taking that chance.
–Elaine Hui, Q18

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