Spotlight: QUEST Corporate & Brayan Varghese

The importance of the material we learn as QUEST students cannot be overstated. The frameworks and techniques we learn can have a great impact on the way we approach problems and vet solutions. Students who complete the QUEST curriculum leave with a very attractive set of skills, but gaining these skill is only half the battle. It’s important for the students to learn, but it’s just as important for them to be exposed to employers and given the chance to display their skills.

This is what QUEST corporate does for the QUEST community. It brings students and employers together in an environment that benefits all parties. While the students get to learn more about companies and develop more intimate connections, the companies get direct access to a pipeline of talented and driven students. The facilitation of these events is no small deal, but I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask Brayan Varghese (Q26) a couple questions regarding his role in QUEST corporate and its impact in general.

What pushed you to join QUEST Corporate?

The two main reasons that pushed me to join QUEST Corporate was to get more involved in QUEST and to take advantage of an interesting opportunity. To be a part of a group that has constant communication with different companies from different industries was something I saw that was very unique.

What is the biggest takeaway from your time in the organization?

My biggest takeaway from my time with QUEST Corporate is the need to constantly improve based off of feedback. Our programs are unique since they serve both the QUEST community and corporate sponsors; in order to continuously improve our events we need to gain feedback from both ends.

How do you think the QUEST community & corporate partners benefit from your programs?

The QUEST community benefits from our programs by expanding their networks, getting closer to obtaining jobs/internships/externships, and learning about different opportunities in a variety of industries. Corporate partners benefit by getting to know the numerous amount of talented students in QUEST and effectively marketing their company’s purpose and opportunities to the students.

In 5 words, how would you describe QUEST Corporate?

“The Classiest group in QUEST.”

Brayan Varghese (Q26)

Brayan Varghese (Q26)

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