Meet the New Faces of Q29/30!

By: Matthew Masison (Q27)

This March, QUEST admitted 90 new students into Cohorts 29 and 30! We look forward to welcoming them into the QUEST community. I reached out to three new students, Haley, Cavan, and Barret, to learn more about them and what they hope to gain from QUEST.

Haley Greenspan

Hometown: Columbia, MD 

Cohort: 29

Majors: Finance and Computer Science

Things Haley does on campus: Phi Chi Theta business fraternity, peer mentor, intramural volleyball

Fun fact: Accidentally slammed the door on Britney Spears

What Haley hopes to gain from QUEST: As part of the Business, Society, and the Economy scholars program, I live in the same dorm as and take classes with only business majors. While it helps in making friends with people with similar interests, I think QUEST will be a great opportunity to make both new friends and experiences outside the business school.

Message to new cohort: Congrats on making it in and I’m excited to meet everyone!

Future aspirations: Unsure of what I want to do right after college, but I would eventually like to work in finance for a film production company.


Cavan Morley

Hometown: Los Alamos, New Mexico, but I moved to Jessup, Maryland around seven years ago. 

Cohort: 29

Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Government and Politics

Things Cavan does on campus (clubs, activities, etc): I can usually be found studying. Otherwise, I am relaxing with friends.

Fun fact: I have a first degree black-belt in martial arts.

What Cavan hopes to gain from QUEST: I was concerned that college would provide me with a great deal of technical experience but not much practical experience. I hope that QUEST can make up for the latter through project management, teamwork, and real world projects.

Message to new cohort: I can’t wait to meet everyone and get started!

Future aspirations: I hope to pursue a masters in either mechanical or aerospace engineering, eventually going into aerospace as a career.


Barret Rus

Hometown: Reisterstown, MD

Cohort: 30

Major: Finance

Things Barret does on campus: Maryland Images Tour Guide, Club Climbing Team, TAMID Group, Change the World Consulting, Terrapin Trail Club, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, Sophomore Wall Street Fellows

Fun fact: Last semester, with Terrapin Trail Club, I hiked 45 miles in one day and completed the Four State Challenge.

What Barret hopes to gain from QUEST: I want to interact in a community of innovative and passionate individuals who are able to share their interests and ideas with me, see problems from unique mindsets, and build my network on Maryland’s campus and beyond.

Message to new Cohort: Embrace the QUEST community. Q30 brings together some of the top leaders, innovators, and thinkers across three prestigious schools on Maryland’s campus. Get to know people outside of your major and outside of your school. Ask questions, build new ideas, and constantly work with your QUEST peers to better the world around you.

Future aspirations: I want to go into the field of management or strategy/operations consulting, hopefully working for one of the Big 3 consulting firms. After making connections in the industry, I want to pursue my passion for politics and work in the lobbying field or for the State Department. My dream job is to be the United States Ambassador to Australia.

Thanks Haley, Cavan, and Barret, and welcome to all of our new students!

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