Introducing— New QUESTPress Leadership

Each month, QUESTPress writers face a blank page and will themselves to fill it with the very best story they can find from the QUEST community. While on the surface this may seem simple, a quality article always requires a writer to express him or herself. The article serves as a proxy for the author’s skills, ideas, and emotions – and once published leaves him or her vulnerable to criticism. In addition, these articles often take a ton of time to produce and are written by students spread thin by academic obligations, clubs, and the career search process. However, despite the sacrifice required, there are a group of students in QUESTPress who do this semester after semester—since 2008.

While I cannot speak to why others in QUESTPress contribute, for me, I believe it is critical to connect the QUEST community. I believe in the vision of the program as a force for good in the world. Most importantly, I believe in the leadership of QUESTPress for the past five semesters—Andrew Jones (Q26), Chineme Obiefune (Q25), Sam Weaver (Q26), and Joseph Piscitelli (Q25). They’ve led by example and I wish, for their sake, they could stay students forever. However, they are passing their classes and securing jobs, and it is as good as a time as ever to introduce the next generation.


Celine Moarkech (Q29) 

Celine is a cell biology and genetics major from New Jersey planning on attending medical school. She joined QUEST out of a desire to learn about business. If you are having a potluck, make sure to give Celine a call (she’s a whiz in the kitchen). Also, give her a ring if you want to go on a hike (she crosses the line at sleeping outside though).




Caitlin Thompson (Q28)

Caitlin is an economics major from West Virginia. She became interested in QUEST because she likes learning about different subjects, was interested in the three schools, wanted to learn how other people think, and loves to problem solve. She’s an Images tour guide so she is solid at walking backward (she downplays her skills, but I think she is just being modest). She also loves to play tennis.

Annesha Goswami (Q29)

Annesha is an information systems and operations management major from Maryland. She has a ton of interests including animal welfare, book club, and business IT. For her 190H project, her team created an “Oasis Mobile Market” solution to combat food deserts. Annesha is originally from Assam, India, a land which has been continuously occupied since the stone ages and is known for its silk and tea.



Kara Eppel (Q29)

Kara is a bioengineering major from Maryland. She’s always been involved in English, even working in the county executive office of tourism and communication. There, she wrote a lot of declarations and citations for honors, blogs from the county executive, and advertisements. She also had the distinct honor of being the editor for her high school literary magazine, The Shalshelet (if that name looks familiar it is because I mentioned being the editor for the same magazine in my last article!).

Matthew Masison (Q27)


Mathew is a mechanical engineering major from Maryland. In his spare time, he works as a CAD technician for a professor on campus working on UAV’s. He is also involved in Terps Racing and is a huge Maryland sports fan. If you want to socialize with Matthew, you may have to meet him at the top of the Epply rock wall – he can often be found hanging out there.



Jacob King (Q27)

Jacob is an operations management and business analytics information systems major from Maryland. He is super busy between his academics, QUEST, AKPSI, and Army-ROTC. However, with all of his commitments, Jacob still manages to keep the real priority in perspective—food. Jacob dreams of one day, after he retires, opening a restaurant. Last I heard, he was leaning towards Spanish tapas.

We’ve got a great group of new students in QUESTPress, carrying on a tradition of almost nine years now. It’s exciting to meet new faces, and I can’t wait to read the stories they capture from the QUEST community. For those looking to share their stories or the stories of others, you know who to reach out to.

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