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Alex Bansleben – Cohort 18
“First of all, I spent the first 2 weeks in Morocco on a cultural trip sponsored by the Honors College and Resident Life. We stayed in Fes and in the rural south of Morocco and learned tons about the culture and people. After that, I spent 10 days traveling ALONE through Portugal and Spain (Seville, Lisbon, and Barcelona specifically) and even though I was alone, the places I saw and friendships I made will last forever! Currently, I am back with my family in Switzerland and France until I get back to the USA in July. Starting July, I work full-time the entire month for Dr. Lovell as a TA for an ENES100 class, and I will continue working on our Engineers Without Borders project as we begin our bridge design. Lastly, I will be in Nicaragua for the month of August with a service organization called Bridges to Prosperity, and I will be in the country helping them with the beginning/foundation of a new bridge! When I get back from Nicaragua, I head almost immediately to QUESTCamp as a 190 mentor! So my summer is jam-packed, but I have never had so much fun, and it’s only the middle of June!”

Alex explores new fashion trends during his summer travels.

Alex explores new fashion trends during his summer travels.

Nathan Elencweig – Cohort 18
“I’m currently in Peru with Engineers without Borders. We just finished an irrigation channel for a town an hour outside of Cuzco. The villagers were extremely friendly, the scenery was incredible, and the food was amazing. With the help of the village, we managed to finish 10 days ahead of schedule, so now I am relaxing in Cuzco. After, I will fly to Argentina to meet up with my best friend who studied abroad there, and we are going to backpack across South America for 30 days.”

Moses Lahey – Cohort 18
“I will be studying Mandarin in Taipei like a boss and nomming on as much street food as I can find.”

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