Zack Khan Selected as KPCB Fellow

Congratulations to Zack Khan, CMNS student and member of Cohort 29, for his acceptance into the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) Fellows Program! KPCB is a national venture capital firm headquartered in Silicon Valley that specializes in investments in early stage and growth companies. This firm has backed major corporations in their early stages like Amazon, Google, and Twitter! KPCB started the fellows program with the intent to recruit talented students for its current portfolio companies. Its hope is to continue to help create and invest in other major entrepreneurial companies.

Zack said, “I have friends who have previously been part of KPCB fellows, and they told me I would be a great fit for this program. So, I decided to apply. When I found out that I was actually accepted into the program, I could not have been more excited or honored to know that I would have the opportunity to participate in such an amazing experience.”

While KPCB Fellows is an incredible program, there is more to the reason why Zack applied. Zack explained that “the biggest reason I joined KPCB was because of the community. KPCB has beliefs very similar to my own and I am so excited to join KPCB’s talent group, meet its diverse set of people, and learn more about entrepreneurship.”

Additionally, Zack talked about how “once you belong to the KPCB fellows program, there is always a network of professionals willing to help you and provide mentorship. I believe that this type of program will help me as I set out to achieve my goals in the future.”

For his internship this summer in Silicon Valley, Zack will be working as a Software Engineer with the startup Handshake. Handshake is a group of 80 people whose goal is “democratizing opportunity.” Handshake works as a platform of over 8 million students which companies can recruit from. This company essentially gives every student a fair shot at receiving internships and jobs. “I decided to work at Handshake because my background is in educational technology, and I can relate with other students as I am currently in college now! I value and resonate with Handshake’s mission, and I am driven to help try and solve the problem they are addressing.”

Well done, Zack! QUEST is so excited for your internship with Handshake, and we are so proud of you for what you have accomplished! Congratulations, and enjoy your time in the Bay Area this summer!


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