QUEST Social Kicks Off their Intercohort Competition

By: Celine Moarkech (Q29)

Thanks to QUEST Social, our summer days were extended after getting back to school with their Back to School Ice Cream Social on September 13th! In spite of the string of rainy days that we have all experienced since being back, the sun came out for a few short hours to help us transition back from summer vacation.

The QUEST students who attended got to catch up with fellow QUESTees after months of being apart. Between hearing about summer travels or the great internships that students had or even meeting our newest cohort members, it was a fun way to kick off a great year within QUEST.

Being a new event this year, the biggest goal according to QUEST Social member, Megha Reddy (Q27), was for the new cohorts to meet other cohorts. She said, “It was great for Cohort 32 to meet each other in person because they haven’t really had the chance to get to know each other as they start 190H in the spring! I saw people introducing new students to their friends and playing corn hole with each other, as well as enjoying the weather and music.”

Students were treated to yummy ice cream from The Dairy!

This event set the precedent for a fun year surrounding QUEST social events. Not only can we expect to have more events, but now there’s a competition at hand. QUEST Social has set up an intercohort competition to encourage cohorts to reach the highest attendance at events. Megha said that it’s going to be “a great way to get to know other students both socially and professionally.”

QUEST Social is tallying how many members from each cohort attend each event. By the end of the semester, an award (that has yet to be declared) will be given to the cohort with the most participation in the events. Megha says that it is a win-win situation!

QUEST Social has an annual favorite event coming up – the QUEST Homecoming Tailgate on October 13th! Get excited QUESTees, and come out to gain a point on behalf of your cohort just for having fun, enjoying some good food, and catching up with other members! Let’s help achieve QUEST Social’s goal this year. As Nadine Eloseily (Q29) puts it, they are “hoping to bring the QUEST community a little closer with some healthy, QUEST style competition!”

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