QUEST Falls for Fall

Grab a flannel shirt and carve a pumpkin because it’s finally time to bid farewell to humid summer days. That’s right, fall is finally here!

Whether they plan on hanging tiny ghosts on their door or baking pumpkin pie, there are ample reasons why QUEST students are ready to welcome fall!


“I’m excited about the weather not being so warm,” said Shawna McCarter (Q31). “While hot summer days are fun, 90 degree weather isn’t optimal once you have to walk around campus every day. My roommate and I are counting down the days until we can finally turn off all four of our fans.”


Layering outfits in fall is the best because you can wear a denim jacket or boots without sweating, but you don’t have to wear a coat either. “I like when it gets cold, and I can wear jackets,” said Neil Duggal (Q31).

You can also wear fun fall colors such as orange, dark green, and maroon. Sasha Miller (Q29) said, “I’m excited to break out my fall colored sweaters and leggings.”


The most beautiful part of autumn is when the leaves start to change. “I love the crisp air and the changing leaves. Crunching leaves is the best part,” said Quinn Wandalowski (Q31). “When I was a kid, I always loved jumping into a pile of leaves. It meant my dad had to rake the leaves all over again, but it was still fun!”


Whether it’s a mini pumpkin in someone’s window or decorations on dorm doors, it’s always fun when you start spotting the beginning of Halloween festivities. Dillyn Payne (Q32) started decorating as soon as possible. “On October 1st, I had already pulled my fall decorations out of my closet and hung everything up,” she said. “My grandmother also sends me a box of autumn decorations every year, so I was definitely excited about receiving that package in the mail.”

Anusha Dixit (Q31) also looked forward to decorating her suite with her roommates. “My suitemates and I started decorating our room with ghost name tags earlier in the month, and we plan to add lights and other spooky stuff!”


A unique aspect of spooky season is the haunted houses and other frightening attractions. I’ll be honest, every year I dread going to Legends of the Fog with my friends. For some reason, I’m always the only one in the group who’s terrified!  

Payne has a bit more courage than me, as she avidly plans to go to her first haunted house. She said, “I’ve never been before, but they sound exhilarating, especially if you were to go with a group of your friends. I’m not one to absolutely love scary movies and such, but one haunted house can’t hurt, right?”


As Halloween quickly approaches, QUEST students are already looking forward to the holidays that are just around the corner. Wandalowski said she’s already excited for Thanksgiving. “I like that the swing of holiday season is starting!”

Graham Schuckman (Q31) can’t wait to spend his favorite holiday with his family. “I’m already pumped for Thanksgiving break. I love Thanksgiving! I make pumpkin pies every year for my family.”

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