Worlds Collide Again Between QUEST & ODK

[Left to right] Jess Roffe, Ari Riske (Q29), Doron Tadmor (Q29), Josh Cocker (Q27), and David Rosenstein (Q29) at the ODK Induction on April 7, 2019

QUEST is excited to announce that yet again our students and staff have been inducted into the University of Maryland’s Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Sigma Circle National Leadership Honors Society. Congratulations to staff member Jess Roffe and students Josh Cocker (Q27), Praneeth Chandu (Q29), and David Rosenstein (Q29) who were chosen to join ODK this semester! This organization connects the students, faculty, and staff who best represent and achieve in the five areas of collegiate activities: Scholarship; Athletics; Journalism, Speech, and the Mass Media; the Creative and Performing Arts; and Campus or Community Service, Social, and Religious Activities. Thus, these people help to frame and mold ODK into a society that joins leaders with local and intercollegiate interest. Because of ODK’s generosity and contribution to UMD, each member has the additional privilege of “leaving their mark” on our university through inscribing their name on the ODK McKeldin Mall Fountain.

Jess Roffe was nominated by ODK and QUEST member Jeff Zhao (Q28). I asked Jeff what compelled him to nominate Jess. “I was thinking about influential people and key champions who made my experience at college something special, and the amount of people who fit in this category is no more than the number of fingers I have on one hand. A great leader creates greater leaders, and Jess Roffe helps foster University of Maryland’s greatest leaders in the QUEST community. I wanted to recognize her for her contributions.”

Jess responded to this, explaining, “It really meant a lot that Jeff nominated me. I really feel like a Terp for life. I grew up wanting to attend UMD, went to UMD, left for one year for grad school – even though I didn’t want to leave – and then returned to UMD five years ago to work for QUEST. Being able to have my name on the fountain is really exciting for me – not only am I a Terp for life, but I am also now a Terp forever. It was so special to be nominated by a QUEST student, as well as inducted with and by QUEST students.”

Similar to Jess, David Rosenstein said, “As excited as I am to join the ODK Sigma Circle, nothing could have made the induction or tapping ceremonies more special since I was surrounded by my QUEST family. It’s humbling to be included by leaders in the ODK community, but I’m elated even more by the fact that I can surround myself with these driven, intelligent change-makers every day just by sitting in the QUEST lab.”

Josh Cocker also said that he “feels extremely honored to have been inducted, especially alongside such a talented cohort of students like this one. It also came at a nice time with graduation right around the corner because it capped up some of the really amazing experiences I’ve had at University of Maryland with groups like QUEST and Engineering Without Borders.”

Lastly, Praneeth Chandu also said it was an “honor to be selected among many amazing individuals that are working hard to make a difference at UMD. It was exciting to be inducted into this organization before I finished my time on campus.”

Again, let’s congratulate Jess, David, Josh, and Praneeth on this honorable and momentous achievement! QUEST is very proud of you and looks forward to watching the continuous changes you bring to UMD and our society as a whole.  QUEST has a long-standing presence within ODK, and we cannot wait to see which QUEST members will join ODK in future semesters!

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