Scoping: An Investigative Report


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        “Scoping” (BMGT438D) is one of QUEST’s most sought after courses.  Otherwise known as Developing Business Relationships and Scoping the Consulting Project, in the course students “craft a well-written, clear, and technically precise project scope” for QUEST’s Consulting and Innovation Practicum course (BMGT490). The project scope includes a project summary, list of primary project objectives, list of proposed project benefits, and overview of primary project deliverables.

        “Scoping is important [because] you have a firsthand impact on QUEST’s future,” says Scoping Teaching Assistant Max Cooper.  In addition to completing a project scope for a future senior capstone project, students also develop valuable communication skills.  These communication skills are highlighted when students meet with potential corporate sponsors to pitch them the benefits of QUEST.  “Students get to practice presentation skills through ‘selling’ QUEST to interested potential clients,” according to Cooper.  Scoping members act as the face of QUEST for these corporate partners; it is their responsibility to create a positive experience for these companies so that the both the partnership and the senior consulting project go on without incident.

       Almost equally as valuable as the communication skills they develop, students also cultivate their network during Scoping, frequently interacting with QUEST alumni and potential business partners.  These relationships become more and more valuable as current QUEST students begin to search for internships and jobs.  For students, a robust network of professional individuals is vital in the often confusing and competitive job/internship search.

        On October 18th the Scoping visited W.L. Gore and Associates to assess its viability of a senior consulting project.  In addition to Gore, students have also gone on site visits to McCormick, Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, Under Armour, Black and Decker, and Unilever.  “Students get to meet alumni from cohorts 1 through 20 on site visits,” says to Cooper.

After visiting Gore, scoping students were encouraged to apply for internships there.  Cooper says, “Gore told us to apply for internships, they wanted us.”  This experience is not dissimilar to other site visits in the past; almost all companies that QUEST deals want students to apply for internships and/or jobs after they graduate in part because of the communication and networking skills that are developed during Scoping.

Scoping is one of the most dynamic QUEST classes offered.  Students learn professional communication skills, network with employees at some of the world’s most innovative companies, and scope potential capstone projects.  Whether you’re a student, alumni, or corporate sponsor getting involved with Scoping is a no brainer!

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