A Successful 5th Annual QUEST Networking Event

On September 12th, QUEST hosted its fifth annual QUEST Corporate Networking Event! Thanks to QUEST Corporate and our Assistant Director, Jessica Roffe, over 20 companies attended the largest event to date! Because of QUEST’s diverse nature, we had so many different types of companies recruiting from all over the USA, and many QUEST alumni attended on behalf of their companies. So, why did these companies choose QUEST?


Janae Savoy of Cohort 23 said that KPMG chose QUEST because “QUEST is a great program that teaches and reinforces teamwork and innovation – key techniques we, at KPMG, look for in our employees.”

Alexandra Petrenko of Cohort 15 agreed, stating that she values “the experiential learning, especially with people from different schools. Because of how interdisciplinary QUEST is, everyone has a different perspective which definitely allows each QUEST student to learn from his or her peers.”


Matt Thomas of Cohort 15 said Zentail chose to work with and recruit from QUEST because “everyone is super talented, motivated, and smart. I knew Dr. Bailey was running QUEST, and 19 cohorts later the quality of the students and the program would still be the same as when I was in QUEST, if not better. Building a relationship with the QUEST program will help Zentail in the long run by tapping into such a great pool of students.”

Fun fact: Zentail’s first 490H project with QUEST won Most Outstanding Capstone during the Spring 2019 semester!

Matt Thomas (Cohort 15) represented Zentail at the event


William Tsui, a recruiter for Google, said that Google chose QUEST because they saw it as a “good opportunity.” After speaking with Jessica Roffe about QUEST, they knew that “QUEST is one of those programs that accelerates students and puts them first. It highlights the best of the best students.”

Thank you to the Google representatives who flew all the way from Texas and California to attend our event!


Mark Baumgaudner of Cohort 5 said that he came back to recruit from QUEST since “it was amazing when I was a student in QUEST and it set me up to make an impact in my career from day one. I love QUEST, I hit the ground running when I started thanks to it! It was just a great experience.”

Mark Baumgardner (Cohort 5) represented Guidehouse at the event

Thank you so much to all of the companies that came out to the QUEST Corporate Networking Event. While I was unable to speak with and interview all 20+ companies, we at QUEST are so grateful to each and every company that supports our program and helps us to make it what it is today. We are so grateful for all of the support QUEST receives and look forward to next year’s event!

If you’re interested in getting your company involved in future events, contact Jessica Roffe at jroffe@umd.edu.

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