QUEST Congratulates December Graduates

As the fall 2019 semester comes to a close, we would like to congratulate all of the QUEST seniors graduating this month! We want to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the seniors going on to do great things.

Mark Purtilo (Q27) is looking forward to joining Verisign after interning at the company for several summers. He is graduating this month as a Computer Engineering major. His favorite memory from QUEST was after he and his team gave their 490H presentation at the QUEST Conference. He remembers reflecting on the journey it took to get to that point from orientation at QUEST Camp. Throughout his time with QUEST, Mark also enjoyed being a 190H mentor for Cohort 30.

Corinne Farley (Q28) is excited to join GE Healthcare in July 2020. After graduating as a Bioengineering major and Computer Science minor, Corinne will start as a software engineer through the Edison Engineering Development Program at GE Healthcare. In between graduation and the beginning of the program, Corinne looks forward to spending time with family, as well as traveling in Europe. One of her favorite memories from the QUEST Program is hanging out with her cohort and the Quality Guild at MilkBoy after the QUEST Conference.

Ankit Sheth (Q29) is excited to graduate this semester with a Finance major and Human Development minor. He plans on traveling after graduation, before working full time in summer 2020. Throughout his time in QUEST, he enjoyed participating in the Scoping elective and being a 190H mentor. His favorite memories from QUEST include traveling to Houston with his 490H team for a client visit and also living with Adam Sarsony and David Rosenstein (both Q29) during his junior year.

Michael Khizgilov (Q29) has accepted a full time offer as an Analyst at Cornerstone Research in DC. He is graduating this semester as a Finance major. His favorite memory from the QUEST Program has been going on the QUEST to Silicon Valley trip. He has also enjoyed being a TA for 390H and 490H. After graduation, Michael also plans to continue working as a professional music producer.

Congratulations to all of our December graduates! Puneeth Bikkumanla (Q29), Carly Buckner (Q30), Ben Conway (Q28), Evan Eisenberg (Q22), Corinne Farley (Q28), Annesha Goswami (Q29), Conrad Hong (Q27), Saikrishna Kalla (Q30), Michael Khizgilov (Q29), Connor Petrelle (Q30), Mark Purtilo (Q27), Julia Roh (Q27), Vineet Shah (Q30), Ankit Sheth (Q29), Isaac Soltz (Q30), and Laura Zheng (Q29).

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