Waiting for the Holiday Season

“I’m so happy finals season is here!” –  said no one ever. 

I am very sad to say that finals have arrived. There are those that have planned ahead and have already begun late-night study sessions. There are also those (a.k.a. yours truly) who have yet to do any work since coming back from a short stint in heaven: Thanksgiving Break. After coming back to school from the start of another holiday season, stuffed with Thanksgiving food and laden with tasty leftovers, it can be very hard to stay motivated through the end of finals. So, here is a fun game to motivate yourself to study hard and push through this final sprint to winter break:

Rules: Below is a list of ranks. Track how long you study for finals on a piece of paper and aim for a high rank! Each rank has its own rewards that you can treat yourself to over winter-break. Study hard!


You do not feel like studying hard or slaving away in the kitchen to bake holiday cookies. Buy some sugar cookies from the store and spread some Nutella and cinnamon on them for a lazy holiday snack. 


You tried to study but you were too distracted by the nostalgia of the holiday season. Binge some holiday movies to get into the holiday spirit! 


You studied just enough to get the grades you wanted and did well in your classes. You were skating on thin ice, but made it through! Have some fun ice skating on some thicker ice over winter break!

A HOLIDAY TREAT (15 hours)

You worked really hard and you deserve a treat. Go to a holiday market and buy some fun goodies and gifts to reward yourself for all that hard work!

SPA DAY REVIVE (30+ hours)

You have been studying for so long that you cannot even pry the pencil out of your hand. After all that work, you feel burnt-out and exhausted. Revive yourself with a spa day! Loosen those cramped studying-muscles with a massage or take a dip in the hot tub. Winter break is finally here, and you need it!

Best of luck on finals, fellow QUESTees!

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