QUEST Bowling

Article by Jay Vogel

The QUEST program has once again proven its ability to combine an educational experience with an involved social community. One can hardly brand the IQ events that are required to be fulfilled each semester as a chore, that is, unless a chore can be defined as getting free food from well-known establishments and participating in a fun and otherwise costly activity. Such was the case at the QUEST community bowling event, held on November 11th at the Terp Zone in Stamp.

Bowling Tournament Victors, Team America World Police

As if a greater incentive than free bowling was needed to draw QUEST students to the event, there was free pizza! One would think, with so many students who would eat so much pizza, a cheaper, cost-friendly pizza would be supplied. This was not the case, as QUEST strives for quality. Students’ faces lit up when they saw Sbarro’s Pizza awaiting them. After loading up on a virtually endless supply of pizza, students broke up into teams of five, and the competition began! The QUEST colors spread across the lanes as we took over the bowling alley, with the program’s own Dr. Bailey and Melanie Lee taking part in the fun. Each of the teams was required to come up with a team name, some of which included Team Pentapex, Team America World Police, and Team Quality Guild. The highest combined score of a team would be the winners of QUEST T-shirts and other “swag”, as stated by co-president Ryan Ganser.

The teams did battle, with many strikes and spares as well as splits and gutter balls; cheers of joy and tears of sorrow. In the end, the victors were Team America World Police, comprised of Cohort 18’s Ben Bulka, Mike Hamilton, Steve Shumsky, Jay Vogel, and Garrett Wenger. The team had a combined score of 731, averaging a score of 146 per person. A special, honorable mention went out to Team Quality Guild who managed to outscore every team except two with only four members on the team, “most likely due to Dr. Bailey’s Testudo Khakis and Melanie’s eccentric bowling style,” said Ganser. As expected, the event was a success, with each student reminded undoubtedly again of what a great program QUEST is.

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