QUEST Alumni Board

Article by Andreia Rauta (Q14)

What is the “QAB”?
QAB stands for the QUEST Alumni Board. The board is comprised of twenty two QUEST Alumni, ranging from cohorts 1-15, who are literally located around the world!

What does the QAB do?
The QAB has two primary goals: 1) to enhance the QUEST program experience for current students; and 2) to establish a strong alumni community.  QAB hopes to achieve these goals by focusing its initiatives on three target audiences: QUEST Students, QUEST Alumni, and the QUEST program.

Though the board is only a few months old, the momentum is strong! We plan to establish a more formalized mentorship program between students and alumni, so as to foster an open learning relationship for both parties. In addition to actively supporting more IQ events, the board hopes to identify new and exciting project opportunities for QUEST students.

QUEST Alumni should look forward to upcoming networking events, where they can reunite with old friends or meet new ones! There is also a current initiative to provide alumni with continued educational opportunities so as to help expand industry knowledge, or assist in the graduate school application process.

Is QAB online?
Little known fact, but, yes, it is! Board initiatives in the near future will enhance the QAB online, so as to provide an interactive portal for alumni to remain engaged with the community.

Who is the QAB Chair?
Elected by fellow board members, this year’s QAB Chair is Andreia (Andie) Rauta. She graduated the University of Maryland in 2008 with a BA in History, and has since been working as a senior consultant for the Booz Allen Hamilton Analytics team. She provides project lead support in the development of Naval acquisition program methodology, which has enabled her to work closely with senior Navy leadership.

As a member of QUEST cohort 14, Andie has maintained active alumna status by participating in numerous QUEST related events, and acts as an informal mentor to QUEST students. She is thrilled to be working closely with fellow alumni in establishing the QAB!

What’s up next for QAB?
QUEST has been known by many names in the past, but it has always put its students first. The QAB looks to recreate the same QUEST community feeling for alumni as the QUEST program does for current students.  Exciting times lie ahead – it’s a great time to be a part of QUEST!

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