QUEST Students Relay for a Cause

Article by Jeff Jacobs (Q17)

As the rain cleared and the sun came out to illuminate Ludwig Field on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, it seemed as if the heavens had parted to bequeath this fateful day with a sunshine so magnificent that all University of Maryland students would forget their earthly troubles and concentrate their efforts instead on opening their senses to the musica universalis, if only for long enough to hear the delicately plucked notes of a fleeting nocturne. QUEST students, sensing this cosmic disturbance with the acuity only a QUEST student could possibly possess, came out in droves to have fun, eat great food, and raise awareness for an important issue.

Relay for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, is an annual event held at over 5,000 venues both in the United States and abroad. The event is a celebration of the lives of cancer survivors, a remembrance of those who have lost their lives to cancer, and a commitment to continue fighting the disease until we reach the day of its eradication. Through the event, QUEST students were able to raise $400 for the American Cancer Society, paving the path towards a brighter future for victims of the disease. Reaction to the event from QUEST students was overwhelmingly positive. Cohort 18 student Char Kwon stated that the event “was a great opportunity to meet other cohort members, and was a good team-bonding experience overall,” with Cohort 18 student Alex Bansleben adding, “The tent we had was great! It really made the night!” Cohort 17 student and QSO president Marc Kramer was also a fan of the tent, affirming that “the tent was top notch.”

While the exquisitely crafted tent (pitched by yours truly with an attention to detail which would made Frank Lloyd Wright’s collective works look like the Lego block creations of a four-year-old) was certainly a hit, the night would not have been the same without cornhole. For those inexperienced in the ways of the cornhole, two boards are set up in a line so beanbags can be thrown back and forth in an attempt to get them into a small hole cut into the boards. Don’t be fooled by the deceptive simplicity of these rules, however – the strategic prowess and physical dexterity required of its players would humble even the most skilled of ancient gladiators, shoguns, five-star generals, and Bruce Lee.

Between grueling cornhole sessions, QUEST students had the opportunity to recuperate with various carbonated beverages and an entire Domino’s pizza case literally filled to the brim with the culinary culmination of 600 years of Neapolitan culture – steaming, savory, sizzling, scintillating, succulent, saporous pizza. Overall, it seems that the tent, the cornhole board, the massive satchel of Domino’s pizza, and, most of all, the QUEST community came together for an unforgettable night of great fun for a great cause. Future QUEST events will forever bask in the radiant glow of this one divine night – including the QSO barbeque on Saturday May 7th from noon to 2pm!

Maryland's Relay for Life event in full swing!

Maryland's Relay for Life event in full swing!

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