Cohort 16 – QUEST Memories

Compiled by Russell Lyons (Q16)

Three years ago, Cohort 16 joined the community and stood together for the first time in the rain at Camp Horizons. Our time in QUEST has been amazing; we have faced challenges and enjoyed great successes. Many of us have become good friends and wouldn’t trade our time with each other for anything. Here are some of our favorite memories:


Doing spirit fingers in the rain at Camp Horizon

Dr. Suarez inspiring us and walking out of 190 class 20 minutes after it started

Cohort 16 happy hours

Post 490 conference entire cohort party

Ski trip in Deep Creek at Don’s Chateau

Surviving the Dominican Republic

Getting all of Cornerstone to chant for Jeff Lue’s Birthday

Swimming in the fountain at three AM

Playing volleyball with Dr. Bailey; still wearing his bow tie of course

Senior sendoff

the benny.

Sweetlife festival

Washington Quad late night picnics and cartwheels

“Finish Him!”-Cohort 16 Battle Cry

One of us put it best:

“To my Cohort 16 loves…while the tears may seem awful right now, be happy in that we cried. It means we lived something worth missing.”


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