A Night to Remember

Article by Kate Hartinger (Q17)

It was a beautiful, crisp, fall evening on November 3rd when the students from across the QUEST community came together for one night. It was a night of fun, dancing, some tasty treats and, of course, the Cupid Shuffle…it was the QUEST Formal! It all started last fall at an Ambassadors meeting: A few Cohort 17ers thought it would be awesome to have a QUEST dance. After talking to the Quality Guild, we were able to make the idea a reality. We wanted an opportunity to get the entire community together in a fun, social setting. I was so happy to find how much positive support we received from the beginning.  Sara Bleistein, from Cohort 19, volunteered to help me in planning the event even though she had been in QUEST for less than a semester. This kind of enthusiasm is what truly makes QUEST so special to me.

The event itself was incredible. The Colony Ballroom in the Stamp Student Union was transformed into a fall wonderland with various leaves and gourds for decoration. There was a wide arrangement of hors d’oeuvres from fruits and veggies to egg rolls and wings (and don’t forget the cupcakes!). We had a great turnout of over 125 people and everyone looked dapper in their QUEST Formal finest.  But dresses and snacks aside, the best part was definitely the dancing. After Kylie, one of our QUEST Graduate Assistants, requested “Cupid Shuffle,” it seemed as though no one actually sat down. I even saw Dr. Bailey learning it. After the kickoff, there were some intense dance circles that broke out. I saw the Robot, the Dougie and even some break dancing. Although I will not name names, some dancers do need to work on their “Dougie form”, and you know who you are (Marc and Steve!). We even got to enjoy some old school N*sync, which always equals a good night in my book .  Everyone at the event seemed to have a blast and got to meet more people across different cohorts. We actually had to turn the lights back on at 10 p.m. and kicked some of the last people off the dance floor (…Manas).

As a senior, I really enjoyed having time to let loose before Senior Conference crunch time and bond with the rest of the community. Having great turnout across the three cohorts as well as in the Quality Guild made the night a huge success. I wanted to thank everyone that helped make QUEST Formal happen, especially Sara Bleistein, Melanie Ashton, all ticket sellers and the set-up/clean-up crews. You all helped to make the event a truly memorable night and hopefully, the first of many to come.

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