Twenty Years of Quality- By the Numbers

Article by Kathryn Weiland (QUEST GA)

Twenty years is a long time for anything, much less an academic program such as QUEST. With this in mind, let’s take a look back at some fun facts about the history of this program and how it has evolved through the years.

Fun facts:

  • For the first five years, QUEST was originally called the IBM-TQ (Total Quality) program after winning a $1 million grant from IBM
  • QUEST is the longest-running honors program at UMD, aside from the Honors College
  • The IBM-TQ Teaching Theater was built in 1993 and was only the second state-of-the-art teaching lab in the country
  • All students had to take 190 as sophomores in the fall, 290 in the spring, 390 in their junior year, and 490 in their senior year
  • The first several cohorts applied by writing an essay and completing a one-on-one interview
  • The original QUESTPress from 1993 was called “The Quality Quill” (stop by Van Munching 3332 if you want to see a few issues!)
  • The QUEST Senior Conference became an official capstone event for the program in 2005

Number of…

  • Students who have part of IBM-TQ/QUEST: 1,007
  • Schools who applied for the IBM grant: 120
  • Schools who received the IBM grant: 10
  • Original grant programs still in existence today: 1 (Wow!)
  • Schools/colleges involved in QUEST in 1992-93: 2
  • Schools/colleges involved in QUEST in 2011-12: 3
  • Students who were in Cohort 1: 40
  • Female engineers in Cohort 1: 2 (5%)
  • Students who are in Cohort 19: 65
  • Female engineers in Cohort 19: 12 (18%)
  • Students who applied to Cohort 20: 147
  • Students who participated in study abroad with QUEST: 48
  • Countries visited by QUEST: 3
  • Members of the QUEST Alumni Board (QAB): 18
  • Corporate sponsors of the 2011 Senior Conference: 21
  • Current QUEST electives: 22
  • QUEST graduates who played in the NBA: 1
  • QUEST babies: 4 (if there are more, update your contact info!)
  • Roles Debbie (Gordon) Feinberg has had with the program: 6 (ask her about them on April 26!)
  • Shades of purple in the current QUEST logo: 2

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  1. kweiland says:

    From Kendra Von Achen-

    This is great! I was part of Cohort 3 and it’s so great to see the program alive and well today, and so prestigious across the country! the TQ program (now QUEST) changed my world and made my college experience that much more special, from the academics to the friendships formed.

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