Student Profile: Special QSO Edition

Article by Dathan Scott (Q18)

CHUL KWON – Cohort 18

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Champion

Chul is a very interesting gentleman. He’s been to at least 25 different countries. He recently returned from the QUEST trip to Brazil, which, he will tell you, was an amazing experience for him. A modern day Renaissance man, Chul is a Computer Science major wanting to do a lot with his opportunity as a member of QSO 2012. He has previously served on the Finance Committee Board of the Student Government Association (SGA) and was the Vice President of Finance and President of the LaPlata Hall RHA and Leonardtown Community RHA, respectively. Being a former intern of the Maryland Police Department, Chul is very good with both money and the law.

What else is there to know about Chul Kwon? Here’s a quick look at the things he prefers in life: “I enjoy traveling to different parts of the world and firmly believe that, unless it’s a business or family trip, a travel should be a learning experience. I prefer: Mongolia over France; a local restaurant over an upscale tourist restaurant; traveling by bus over traveling by taxi; a marketplace over a beach; and a long-term stay in one country over short-term stays in multiple countries (Europe).”

Chul has huge aspirations for the QUEST program and wants to make the QUEST name a nationwide brand! His passion runs deep for QUEST and, from my experience of being around him, he definitely knows his stuff.

DATHAN SCOTT – Cohort 18 

Robert H. Smith School of Business Champion

Writing about myself is a great challenge, so I will try to make it very enjoyable for you. I am a proud member of Cohort 18, and am an Accounting and Information Systems double major. I’ve had my battles with accounting, so I guess you can say I’m more Information Systems than Accounting. Outside of QUEST, I have been involved with numerous departments around campus like the Department of Transportation Services and the UMD Conferences and Visitor Service, holding various positions within each. I was a member of the UMD Men’s Club Basketball team my first year here, and I can say I’m probably the most competitive person you will ever meet.

I love people. I love talking…a lot. I love laughing. I love having fun. I have big dreams for myself and for QUEST. Expansion and influence are the terms that I always mention when talking about QUEST. What if a group of students started their own consulting company? I think we have the right pieces of the puzzle for this. I’m all about action. I’m a big food guy as well. Give me just about anything and I’ll eat it for sure. I would love to meet as many people as I can through QUEST. The more people I know, the greater things that can happen. That’s how I see it.

That’s your new QSO 2012 in a nutshell. If you have any questions, concerns, funny stories, or just want to talk in general do not be afraid to talk to anyone of us or anyone in the QUEST community for that matter. We are all friendly, and we all want to make each other’s lives better. In the words of our Cohort 18 Champion, “QSO isn’t just a ThinkTank. It’s a DoTank. Help us think, and we shall do!”



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